momepy.extend_lines(gdf, tolerance, target=None, barrier=None, extension=0)[source]#

Extends lines from gdf to itself or target within a set tolerance

Extends unjoined ends of LineString segments to join with other segments or target. If target is passed, extend lines to target. Otherwise extend lines to itself.

If barrier is passed, each extended line is checked for intersection with barrier. If they intersect, extended line is not returned. This can be useful if you don’t want to extend street network segments through buildings.


GeoDataFrame containing LineString geometry


tolerance in snapping (by how much could be each segment extended).

targetGeoDataFrame, GeoSeries

target geometry to which gdf gets extended. Has to be (Multi)LineString geometry.

barrierGeoDataFrame, GeoSeries

extended line is not used if it intersects barrier


by how much to extend line beyond the snapped geometry. Useful when creating enclosures to avoid floating point imprecision.


GeoDataFrame of with extended geometry